Choosing Your

Tile Finish

Calculate your tile quantity

To find out the total tiles needed for your space, enter the height and width in centimetres. Our calculator always rounds up to the highest number. E.g if you need 12.3 tiles our calculator will say you need 13.

For assistance in calculating tile quantity for our other sizes please Contact us.

Tile Finishes

Because our tiles are handmade by artisans, they have unique characteristics that must be taken into consideration before purchase.


We cannot guarantee that finishes will be the exact same shade as samples provided. The beauty of our tiles comes from their handmade nature and the use of clay, which is subject to natural variations. We recommend ordering a variety of sizes and colours as samples before finalising your decision.

Samples purchased within 3 months of ordering can help ensure clay consistency where possible. You can also return an approved colour control sample to our studio, which will be used as a guideline.


Ceramic tiles are known to “craze” over time, which is the appearance of hairline cracks. They will still perform well and this is one of the many cherished characteristics of hand made tiles.

The beauty of our tiles lies in the fact that they are handmade by artisans: this means that each batch has its own personality and variation. Clay is a natural and variable material: therefore a variation in colour and texture can be expected. We cannot guarantee that finishes will be the exact same shade as samples provided. 


The beauty of small batch handmade production, is that no batch is ever entirely the same. To help understand our glazes, they are categorised by likelihood of variation.

Stable: these glazes are stable and will only show traditional signs of variation found in clay.

Medium: these glazes will have occasional iridescence and streaks but it will be uncommon.

Highly Volatile: these glazes will have unpredictable variation in colour and texture across every tile.

We are always expanding our glaze colourways, however if you are interested in custom glazes, please feel free to Contact us.


We provide tile samples with with our recommended GoProtect sealants. These are only available as samples; for full orders you will need to purchase sealant additionally and apply after installation.

If out of stock, you can purchase these sealants directly from the supplier. Sealant maintenance is supplied in the Go Protect website.

Linseed Oil

We will seal samples and full orders with our Boiled Linseed Oil.

Boiled linseed oil creates a matte, water sealed layer that maintains the iconic burnt terracotta colouring. These tiles can be sealed with beeswax after installation, and should be maintained with boiled linseed oil and wax every 3-4 years.


Sizing referred to is variable and not the actual size. Due to the handcrafted nature of these tiles, dimensions are approximate.

Tile sizes will never be perfectly square, and may vary by up to 4mm. Often we find that variations will be consistent throughout each batch.

Irregularities across the surface are common, and tiles may not always be perfectly flat. 

Lead Times

As our handmade ceramic tiles are made to order, production can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. We will be in contact throughout your order process to inform you of where your tiles are in their journey.


All of our tiles have textured backing that allows for strong adherence to surfaces.


The tiles are considered for indoor use only as they are not freeze-tolerant. Two & A Half Dimensions are suitable for bathrooms, kitchen and shower room walls when properly installed on a suitable substrate using an adhesive appropriate for the substrate. They are not suitable for flooring, and we recommend not using relief tiles for kitchen counter tops.